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second specialty?

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December 4th, 2018 11:52:59am
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So I might just be wasting my time here, but i thought I would try anyways!

I currently have my Miniature Horses as my specialization but really want to have one of my dog breeds or another one of my Horse breeds as a specialization, but without having to move them to another account if i can keep from it so I thought, maybe this might be possible someday.



To have an Option to have a Second Specialization on one account.

It Could be 2 Horse breed Specialization`s (like in example would be my Miniatures my Friesians)

or it Could be 2 Dog Breed Specialization`s (in this instance would be my Chinook`s and GSD`s)

or it could even be to where 1 Specialization is Horse only (which in my case would be my Miniatures)

and 1 Dog  Specialization only (in this case would be my GSD`s)


In my mind the Third option of it Being 1 Dog and 1 horse breed specialty only could be the best way to go as that could possibly get more players the either only raise horse or only raise dogs may start raising horses or dogs as well. 

but any way above could also be good in some ways as well.


-Sorry if this has already been Suggested! I just thought It would be an Awesome Idea that could hopefully be added someday! Thanks!!


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❥ MERRY MONNIE • Christmas on the Dark Side
December 4th, 2018 3:59:19pm
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Hey Fallow! This has been brought up a few times before ^^ )

Sam says that since HP runs pretty much solely on upgrade sales, allowing multiple specialties (which is the biggest perk of upgrades) would cut into those sales and then affect HP's funding. So it's probably for the best that we stick with the one breed specialty ^^

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December 4th, 2018 5:01:09pm
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 ah ok, I guess I didn`t word it right when I searched the forums, it was wishful thinking i guess haha but Thanks so much for letting know though.


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Administrator Samantha
December 4th, 2018 5:51:24pm
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To expand on what Monnie said, it would also be an issue because fewer upgrades would ultimately mean fewer shows, private shows, and tickets on HP which would cuase the prices of those things to skyrocket and would make it harder for people to gain points and flood existing shows.

I definitely understand why it's appealing, unfortunately it just doesn't work with the way HP is set up! Sorry.


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