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2019 Rules and Information

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January 11th, 2019 3:38:31pm
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1. Sign-ups are opening TODAY (1/11) in order for people to sign up and start collecting money and resources for the contest. All individuals and teams have until 2/9 to enter the contest, and on 2/10 training will begin! All important mascot dates can be seen on the official HP calendar.

2. There will be a 20 mill HPD entrance fee for all NO TICKET/NO SHOW entries, and a 85 mill HPD entrance fee for all TICKET/SHOW entries. This is an entrance fee per animal, not per player entrant! If you decide to drop out of the contest after it starts, this fee is non-refundable. Please send your entrance fee to The Humane Alliance as soon as you complete the sign up form.

3. You can enter in 4 categories: Horse (tickets & shows), Horse (no tickets & shows), Dog (tickets & shows), and Dog (no tickets & shows). One entrance per individual/team per category.

4. Everyone must start with a "store aged" animal (3 for horses, 2 for dogs). This can be from the actual store (or cash shop) or it can have lines. We can age-forward a newborn for you before the contest, but we will not de-age a lined animal. If your animal has lines we will subtract the "born points" as well as any points earned from animal awards before the contest starts from your final score. You MUST accurately report any "born with" and animal awards points on the sign-up form. The animal is NOT allowed to gain any other points before the contest begins.

5. The tickets/shows categories can use any means possible to gain points on their animals. The no tickets/no shows categories cannot use training tickets, private shows, or extra energy (from store or cash shop). All animals can use public shows, club shows, points won in HP contests or events, points from earning animal awards (AFTER the contest starts, please see rule #4 for more information), or points from club registries. If you have a question about what is allowed, ask us!

6. Each animal must be named before the contest starts and have a unique image and a back-story before it ends. There are specific deadlines for this on the HP Calendar (you can also find a mini-calendar in the Mini News). Animals who do not meet these deadlines WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

7. You cannot de-age, age-forward, or breed your animal during this contest. If you have a question about what is allowed, message us and ask!


  • Since part of your score is popular vote, it will be a good idea to advertise your animal so that you can get the popular vote. Voting in all categories makes a difference in the final scoring and especially in the bonus prizes, so don't skimp!

  • You can get money from your personal banks, but will also have three weeks from now until the contest begins to raise money and resources. You should use this time to start reserving tickets and shows and making a plan for training through the end of the contest! You will still be able to get money while the contest is going as well.

  • We need at least 3 people/groups/animals in each category for the contest to run! It's encouraged for you to enter as many categories as you want to. The more competition, the more fun it is!

  • There will be optional mini-events for mascots in all categories during the contest in order to earn points and other power-ups, and there will also be weekly point check-ins. All due dates will be posted on the HP Calendar, as well as a schedule of contests and events.


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