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Who's your horse?

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November 2nd, 2013 8:13:26pm
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I thought we could do with a post to show off your ponies! (or those you ride/love, if you don't have your own!)





This is Sam! He's my favourite pony at the place I volunteer at and ride (which is a therapeutic riding stable for people with disabilities). He's really smart and able to figure out the abilities of his rider. He has no problem going super speedy with me, but for the handicapable riders he's super gentle. He gives me that look in the picture ever time he sees me because he knows I give him the good treats :P

Sam's a 21 year old Grade gelding...he's about 14hh and could really due with a bit of weight loss :P In the winter, he gets a super-thick winter coat that's like a thick carpet. If I could guess, I would say he's a Canadian Horse x Pony.


In the background there, you can see Teddy, who's Sam's brother-from-another-mother. Both of them have been in the program since 1999 or 2000, and are very attached to one another.



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Master Administrator Samantha
November 3rd, 2013 7:46:25pm
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This is Brooks :). He's my 3 year old gelding who I got last December!


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noxhidis | foxes
January 5th, 2014 4:51:44am
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Okay, I can only get two of these images to work for some reason. So, the other two are links. ^^;

This is Caiman. He's an American Quarter Horse gelding. Sassy little pest, but very lovable. He's my dad's horse, which is quite funny because Caiman is quite short while my dad is quite tall, so they make an odd pair. He refuses to let anyone else ride him, though. If I try, he just stares at my dad with his puppy eyes until I get off and my dad takes my place. xD


And this is Moonlight, my horse. C: Also an AQH. She's one of the most stubborn animals I've ever encountered. Thankfully, I'm as stubborn as she is, so I can handle her pretty well. Sometimes I win, sometimes she does. xD Haven't been able to ride her in ages, though, because she's got kind of a rough build, so she's very clumsy and has been injured several times as a result. She also has a limp from a bad farrier job. Still love her to death, though. We grew up together. (She actually has a birthday the day before mine, and is only a year younger. xD)

And this is Dennis and Tres, respectively. :3 They're rescues. Someone dumped them out in a pasture because they didn't want them, and we gathered up a bunch of people that work with the local animal shelter to go out and round them up before the farmers got too angry (even if they were incredibly rude to all of us despite the fact that we were doing this for free with our own equipment and otherwise they would've had to get them themselves. -.-) There were five ponies originally. One had to be shot with a tranquilizer, but the dart didn't hit its mark because he bolted at the last second and it nearly hit a vital. The vet took him back with her and ended up keeping him as a pasture pal for her old horse. Two others were adopted together by a really nice old couple. Then, there were these two. No one showed any interest in adopting them, so eventually they became ours rather than foster ponies. The shelter was incredibly kind to us and waived the adoption fee in thanks for the care we gave them. Dennis is the eldest of the five, and he's very skittish, having had more negative interaction with humans than the rest of them. Tres is a sweetheart, though.

Long post is long. xD One more story, though. We almost lost Tres at one point, because he climbed into a hay rack to scratch himself, tripped, and knocked the entire rack over on him. He was stuck out there for a few hours, at least, until we went out to feed, and his leg was injured really badly. We didn't know if he was going to make it, but he pulled through. He has a nasty scar and his joint is a little loose, but he's doing very well. He's a fighter, for sure!


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ollivander! » quit lol
January 5th, 2014 5:19:15am
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This is my little lovebug, his name is Achilles. I've had him for about six years now. He's my bestest friend/therapist/boyfriend/everything. 


He's got a very goofy personality, and he's a total ham. If he sees a camera (or something he knows can take pictures, like a cell phone) he will pose until it's been put away. Not even joking. He also likes to milk any 'injury' or 'illness' he has.. He had to have a round of shots for a week over the summer and he now shies away anytime he sees my friend Kelsey (who gave him the shots). :P


He's a hunter/jumper, but I've also used him for playdays in events like HUS, Barrels/Poles, and some other games. :]


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January 5th, 2014 3:23:44pm
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Everyone has such lovely horsies!


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This is Gator, or G Series. (: He is a twenty year old Hunt-Type Paint (you'd never guess, right? x.x).


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Foxtail Valley
February 8th, 2014 4:09:09am
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This is my horse, Spencer. Spencer is a 7 year old Paint gelding :)


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Zacoriann [Sugarbush]
February 8th, 2014 1:15:28pm
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This is Rio, the 27 year old horse which I ride every Friday night. He belongs to my instructor, but we do get along so well.




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February 8th, 2014 5:41:18pm
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I'm at college and I am taking riding lessons at our schools equestrian center so we don't really have specific horses, just whoever they assign for each student that week.


But, last semester I started out on Monty who is a twenty-something year old Appendix Quarter horse


and then after midterms, I switched between a 13 year old appaloosa, named Twister and a 15 or 16 year old quarter horse, named Mysitc, for my flat and jumping lessons.

Here is mystic, I don't have any pictures of Twister though.


and this semester I'm back on Monty for the first half of the semester :)

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aliaɳaɳa •• Akita Empire
March 21st, 2014 3:17:31am
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is Boss Asmokin SoFine, aka Peaches, but I definitely changing her barn name. She will be my new partner for the AQHA shows this summer. SO EXCITED!!

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March 22nd, 2014 3:17:50am
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This is my baby, Timmy:



(not sure how to post an image, if somebody could tell me, that would be awesome)

Okay, well, he's not really my baby, but he's the fella I ride in lessons right now. 1/2 thoroughbred, 1/4 clydesdale, 1/4 warmblood. He belongs to a boarder, but was bred and raised by my instructor. His owner doesn't have time to come out and ride him very often (and usually sticks to the simpler stuff), so she asked for him to be used in lessons once or twice a week, and I can go out and ride him whenever I want (if only had the time to go out more than once a week*sigh*). He can be a bit of a freight train sometimes and will just "blow a raspberry" (as my instructor puts it) and push straight through every signal you're giving as though you weren't even there (and will occasionally plow right through jumps without even taking any notice of them), but he's really laid back, and he's been improving a lot. Had a bit of a health scare recently (lost a lot of weight and was borderling anemic due to some kind of worm that normal dewormers don't work on, luckily no other horses seem to have gotten it), but seems to be a lot better now, and is almost back to his normal weight.


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eluhfunt - - just visiting.
April 2nd, 2014 2:20:01am
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ugh i posted something but the pictures won't show up so I'ma just forget about it. x_x


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April 7th, 2014 3:20:07am
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This is the horse I am currently riding for the 2nd half of this semester, Icky. Hes a TB/Clyde :)


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siib 🦈 lets try the tb thing [ pca ]
April 17th, 2014 1:22:53am
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This is Bella my 6 year old Paint x QH mare. Bred with the idea she'd be a Western Pleasure horse this girl was born to jump! I got her as an unbroken 2 year old and all of her training has been done by myself. She's super brave, super hard headed, and super fun to ride (if you're idea of fun is going fast). She's quite a sassy little thing but everyone thinks she got that from me.



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.s.chizophreni.c. .::. {{Main}} .:.That moment when you realize what day it is... and you fall apart once more.::...
April 24th, 2014 3:20:34pm
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Mahaha. My Herd (in order of them comming here.)

Sizzlin N My Socks, AQHA.

aka: Bobbi, Milk Wagon, Preggo, Mare, Momma, Socks, Alpo






Zipped Up Kicks, APHA PtHA

aka: Mina, Moosh Moosh, Mooshi, Spotted One, Wee Wittle Baby, Bevis, Kicks






Bates April Zip, AQHA

aka: Athena, Mook Mook, Big Dummy, Tank, Skinny






Zipper Bar Breeze, APHC

Aka: PILOT LIGHT, Zip, Zippy, Zipper, Appy, Spaz, MARE.






Pure Sizzle, AQHA

AKA: Highway, Hy, *cuss word*, The Bay, Big Girl.






No Reg Name, APHA/PtHA

AKA: Gary, HAHA GARY, GARY, Squirt, No Socks *he's for sale*


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July 16th, 2014 7:40:23pm
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This is TROY he is a 7yr old Friesian x Paint gelding that I'm currently riding for a friend.


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Summit •
May 16th, 2015 11:27:31am
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Two of mine are out on loan at the minute, my first pony Timothy because he's only 13hh and I felt like a giant on him and my mare Skai as I didn't have time to ride her away after breaking her in. Timothy was that typical naughty first pony who threw me off all the time and taught me what owning a horse is really like! He's a 13hh spotted pony gelding and is a cheeky chap.



Little Skai is 5 and is a 14.2hh Friesian x cob mare. She's a typical mare, either loves you or hates you and if she takes a disliking to you then she'll let you know about it! Hates other mares so had to go out with the boys at the yard! 


And finally, my forever horse, Sky! You've probably seen him on a few posts already but I don't mind having an excuse to show him off ;) He's a 15.3hh Thoroughbred x cob gelding, just turned 7 and I've had him since he was 4. We had a bad accident a few years back which resulted in a badly broken ankle for me and him completely losing his confidence :( he was so terrified of everything that people said he was dangerous and ruined but with a lot of hard work, he's slowly coming around (still a big baby though!) The first picture was early this year before I had him clipped so he's a hairy beast!



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tautourahrahrah || So leave yourself intact 'Cause I won't be coming back ||
June 24th, 2015 7:08:52pm
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Roxy ( Palomino Paint = Mom's Horse)

Mayday ( Bay = Old Horse)

More Bucky.


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Esquisse | moved to #25214
August 6th, 2016 1:13:14pm
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This is Pamal :D 



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Black Raven : My Wiccan Way :
October 10th, 2016 9:05:17pm
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These are my gorgeous equine friends.
I cant work out how to add photos sorry :(

Mindy aka Sun Dont Shine, my 24 year old Standardbred mare. Shes my boss. Beautiful nature, easy to handle,great to give cuddles, but enough sass to keep me on my toes. Shes fully retired (Dont tell her that though!






  Chief aka Bundaberg Warrior, my 8 year old Thoroughbred gelding. Long story with him, I originally owned him as a 3 year old, but had to rehome him, when I was grounded when I fell pregnant (history of miscarriage) I didnt want him sitting around in a paddock, while I dealt with a kid, so I sold him. Regretted it every day for nearly five years. Then at the start of this year, I suddenly got a phone call saying he was being mistreated, hadnt been handled properly since I sold him etc, did I want him back? Well of course I jumped at the chance, so after 4 1/2 years I got my boy back.

It was a heart breaking day, I was terrified he wouldnt remember me, tried to get home before he did, and my stupid car broke down on the freeway. Two hours after I broke down, my partner pulls up with a horse float....Knowing who was on the float, I shot into that float, and stood staring at my dream horror...he was skin and bones..... I put my hand out towards him and he almost sat down in terror....i started sobbing and then softly said "hey chief, no ones going to hurt you ever again, your coming home....mummas back" Up went his head, his ears snapped forward and he gave this sort of half not believing nicker, then he sniffed me....and when he recognised my scent oh my lord.....he screamed, and then started neighing, whickering, nickering etc, then he grabbed my sleeve and dragged me into his chest...and wouldnt let me go. By then I was in total tears...




 car got fixed and we drove the two hours home, the whole way i could hear this forlorn neigh, like he thought he had lost me again. unloaded him at my farm, and he refused to leave my side for six hours (thank god for books!!)

so long story short, my beautiful chiefumbighorse is stay... hes now nearly back on weight, just needs a bit of topline, and too loose his winter coat (winter here atm)

Photo is Chief the first time I owned him.












My other horse Bullseye, is a23 year old black/dark bay Standardbred gelding and I have no photos, hes on a pretty much permanent lease to me from my friends who want me to get back into riding.... (last horse I rode  was Chief, and I have lost my nerves now)


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October 12th, 2016 11:50:01pm
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My beautiful real life Welshie Rhoswen (Peppy)




Peppy by AlumineDesigns














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Abeille {MAIN} Percherons
February 27th, 2017 12:18:48pm
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Never have and never will own a horse of my own, but i've been around horses and horse riding since I was 5 years old (i'm now nearly 32). I will try to post the images in about chronological order of when they were in my life. These are just some of the horses i've had the privilege of knowing and riding... and all have made huge impacts on my life.








Not sure about any information on this photo, but I do believe it was at an RDA "gymkhana" day. Not even sure how old I was in this, but i'm guessing I was maybe about 6 years old?








I always have and always will love horses and horse riding! It's in my blood and bones! photo 206618_1872739892120_8000912_n.jpg




The next horse i'll show you is one of the first horses I ever rode on a regular basis. No idea on breed, but guessing Welsh Pony. His name is Chey. I was probably around 8 years old in this photo.








The second horse/pony I ever rode. I have no idea of his breed... but his name is Chey. I suspect he's a Welsh Pony of some sort... very cute. I miss him! photo 208726_1873170862894_8048085_n.jpg








This next one is Donna, a chestnut Standardbred mare. I would have to say she is my heart horse. I met her when I was 14 at RDA whilst I was riding another horse who I wasn't really "gelling" with. I saw how amazing and lively she was and asked if she was a potential RDA horse. They said she was being trialled. I asked if I could be the first to ride her if she was successful. The rest is history. She was the most fiery, psycho, incredible bossy horse i've ever ridden in my life. She was as much attached to me as I was to her. She took me to my first RDA State Champs ever in 2001.




Missing the ol' girl Donna the Standardbred I used to ride. Wish I could see her just one last time. Riding the amazing Frosty at Calisto Park Equestrian Centre (CPEC) has brought back all the memories of her. Never thought i'd feel the same way abou photo 1913536_1257914121860_6627649_n.jpg








This next one is a Percheron named Sam who I rode when I was 24/25. I don't know exactly why, but i'd loved Percherons for many years. They have always been gorgeous to me. When I found out I was going to get to ride a Percheron in real life, I was so excited I actually cried! LOL. If you notice the really loose reins... if I didn't hold them loose, the turd would pull them out of my hands haha. So i've got into a really bad habit now of riding on as loose a rein as possible :( 








 photo 1150375_10201224924279062_53859783_n_zpskyfwnjze.jpg








This next photo is a number of years later after a long forced hiatus from horse riding, at a new place. This is also a Standardbred, named Frosty (for the white spots down her spine lol). This was my first ride on a horse in many years. She is incredible! She reminds me so much of my heart horse Donna. 








First ride ever at Calisto Park Equestrian Centre, so good to be back on a horse. Felt weird! hahahahah. It was fantastic. Super duper looking forward to next week! photo 1625610_10202549783479714_777877450_n.jpg




This next photo is of me riding the most amazing purebred Arab named Calisto Cosmo (aka CC). In his younger days he was a bit of a "wild boy" lol. In his old age, he has mellowed perfectly, and I was absolutely privileged to be able to do an inhouse dressage demo on him. 




Thank you so much Iain for getting this shot of me and CC. I can't get over how good we looked. I am absolutely on cloud 9! photo 10841905_10204675968513011_321771044952661057_o.jpg








This next horse is an incredible bay warmblood mare named Sheena. She was my old coaches horse. A horse i'd always dreamed of riding. Two years ago, my dream to ride her came true. It was one of the most incredible experiences i've ever had. Even better than my dreams. I got to ride her once in lesson, and then I got to compete on her in the RDA State Champs again in 2015. Though I was only competing in games, and had to be on lead with two sidewalkers, I have never been happier. We didn't place well either, but I didn't freak out, and there were no accidents. I competed and didn't pull out. That's all I could've asked for. In this photo, my coach is showing me how I ride "collected". 








 photo 11855891_10206549412147931_8625476662180948193_n_zpsonagpxmi.jpg








This next gem of a horse is named WarCloud aka "Cloud". He is a Paint Horse (believe it or not lol). Apparently when I was at my old RDA (where I rode Sam in a previous photo)... I also rode WarCloud for a time, though I don't exactly remember!  So it was super neat to ride him again. He is by far one of the most incredible horses i've ever ridden. I have poor balance because of being a paraplegic, and never really learnt to trot holding my reins as a youngster. This horse is so incredible, and so in tune with his rider, I was able to learn to do so! He taught me so much... but he had to leave as his owner wanted him back. 








 photo 12112130_10206897312845231_7635379537801706676_n_zps4bi0gihw.jpg








Last but not least, this is a taffy Shetland x Welsh Pony named Lucy and she's about 19 years old. Obviously i'm too big and fat to ride her lol, so since I can't ride a regular horse at the moment.... I do horsemanship with her instead. I've been doing horsemanship with her for about two years. When I first began with her, all she knew how to do was lunge. She's come an awful long way sicne then. It's actually amazing. The coaches we have had have been teaching me all sorts of cool things to do, and i've in turn been teaching Lucy how to also do them. The progress that was seen in Lucy, has also been seen in the big horses i've done horsemanship (groundwork) with.... and so they have implemented these lessons to help both horse and rider out. Lucy has taught me as much as i've taught her... and it's been truly invaluable! 








 photo 16711919_10210914065261531_4303476627874625657_n_zpslgdflynf.jpg








Very sorry for posting such an image heavy post XD









Breeding purebred Percherons since August 2021


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