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Referral System Update!

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Master Administrator Samantha
August 6th, 2019 5:03:14pm
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Hello HP!


Referral System Update

I have updated our referral system to award you 2 HPP when you refer a new player to the game (and it'll still give you 1 extra HPP if someone you referred upgrades).


I've also revamped our referral page and added new banners and fliers for you to use. You can find it on the Edit Profile page under your referral link. Or you can just click here.




HP flier  

HP flier (black and white)


Word of mouth is the best way for us to get new players who stick around! So please share HP with your friends or community or anyone else you think might be interested!


Club Update

Agility Club is having a raffle:

[x]Free entry, 1 entry per person

[x]You must have at least one dog registered with the club below the age of 15 

[x]Message Eventide to Enter 

Prize = $10mill


Mutt Club, Sport Horse Club, Race Horse Club, Crossbreed Club, and Mythical Horses Club all have puzzles! See club pages for details.


Are you a club president and want us to post about your club's events, registry, and contests? Message me on account #1 with your contests/events to get them featured in our weekly club happenings post! As long as we have events and club news to post, we will be doing one weekly! But you have to send it in to me every week for it to be included. If there are no updates from presidents, we won't make a post, but you can/should still check club pages for events!


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Administrator blitzen 🎄 the holly and the ivy
August 7th, 2019 7:15:29pm
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-thumbs up-


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Administrator ~Broken Vow~ ❄️⛄🎄⛄❄️
August 8th, 2019 11:42:36pm
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