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How soon do I need to book a trainer?

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scorpio {main} | friesians
August 10th, 2019 4:11:19pm
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I'm going to be taking a break mid-late February as I am pregnant and that is when baby is due. I have no idea how this trainer stuff works but I'm going to need one for a while. Also, how long can I hire one for? Should I be looking for one now? Thanks in advance!


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tana ;; gone
August 11th, 2019 9:24:28am
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I would suggest looking from now, just so the trainer can be aware of what needs to be done in advance. Most trainers will work for as long as you pay them, and if you ask them to do extra things, like collect your weekly bank money and make shows, it shouldn't cost much more. If it's just training that you need, it costs between 100k to 200k per animal per week. If you ask for extras as I mentioned, you can likely discuss that with the trainer.

The way it works is you give them your login info for each account you have, and they train each animal in the full 80 shows (or 70 if you're not upgraded), each week.

I dunno how many horses/dogs you have, but say you have 50 in total, and the trainer charges 200k each, then 50 x 200k = 10 million per week.

A lot of people here hire Jaya to train, she's super reliable! If memory serves, she only charges 100k per animal. I personally always give her extra money as a tip, and I thnk lots of other people pay like that, but the amount is up to you.

If the total cost of the training gets really high, people pay their trainer(s) with upgrades, but keep in mind it means you'll have to pay real money to give them that.



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