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Mango's Spreadsheets!

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Moderator FruitBOB
November 25th, 2019 7:44:20pm
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So I have a lot of information to keep track of and I only juggle 20 upgrades :P I know there's players out there with double/triple/quadruple times that.

Siib has some awesome sheets [ here ], and I definitely recommend checking them out as well to see if her sheets provide something mine don't. Her sheets are quick, clean, and straightforward - very recommended for beginners :D

I make my sheets to do the heavy math lifting for me. HPD totals, total accounts upgraded, total animals to train, etc. are all automatically calculated in my sheets based on the basic information you put in. I rely on them so much that I literally leave them open in tabs 24/7 xD

I currently have a [ Training Book ] available for you to use. This book has a Training List, Private Show Schedule, and Private Show Budget. You can choose to share this book with your trainer and therefore keep them up-to-date with any password/breed changes from one place. 

I'm working on my Accounts Book to make it available for you!

To use these sheets:
      1. Click the link to the book you'd like to use.
      2. Under File, click Download or Make a Copy. Downloading offers you the ability to convert it to Microsoft Excell - I haven't tested these sheets with Excell so I'm not sure how well the formatting/coding will transfer over. Make a Copy is the recommended way to get the book for yourself. You'll have to save it on your Google Drive, but then you'll be able to edit it yourself.
      3. Each page has instructions on how to use it. Every sheet has automated calculations based on the information you put in, so if you have questions, feel free to message me or reply here!

The Mandalorian Mascot Entry


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Community Ambassador ConBob | PCA | Lilith, Serenity, and Calaca for Mascot 2020!
November 25th, 2019 8:32:53pm
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I would be so scared to attempt to edit that with my massive amounts of information. xD



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Community Ambassador Jaya;; Remember Serenity
November 27th, 2019 8:10:52am
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Having private trained for Mango before, I do recommend her sheet for that. It was easy to read and for me to follow for her!



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