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Simple Layout + Graphic

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goose 🍓 | am. warmbloods / staffies
June 23rd, 2020 3:40:57pm
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Hello there, the name's gooseberry or goose! I am a new player to HP, hailing from HL circa 2000s. I've been on a hunt for some time for a SIM like HL and boy did I find the jackpot ;)

It's time for a layout as I establish myself and my lines. My namesake is in honor of my former service dog, best friend, and LOML, Goose. She has since passed from my life, but her presence is still an echo through the halls of my heart. In honor of Goose, I would like to put a call out for a simple layout and graphic image combination for my account.

In terms of coding, I am looking for a non-stock skeleton (as in, please no layout generator/free HP layout skeleton). It doesn't have to be entirely custom, just not something I could have found myself and edited. As for the image, please use either images of Goose here:

Unless you can incorporate them both into a clean design, I'd prefer one or the other. Here are some exaples of layouts I like:

I'm able to offer up to $50M for this. Please, though, message me for more details before beginning work, as that will pretty much clean me out haha. Let's talk! Thanks in advance for looking :)



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