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July All Dogs Club

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Buoy }} Chessies
July 8th, 2020 1:43:09am
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Hi all!

All Dogs Club is up and running for the month! Just wanted to make a quick post about our events this month over there...


Each week I'll be posting a new puzzle, complete the puzzle for 1mill. The fastest time each week gets an extra 5 mill. If you complete all 4 weeks, you'll get an extra 3mill. 


Also hosting a raffle! Each entry is 500k and you can donate to the club for up to 10 entries. The pot is currently at 70mill (and will grow with entries) and I've decided that for every 50 entries, I'll add in another 10mill. 

1st Place Prize: 70% of the pot, the club layout graphic (personalized with your info), and a 6 month upgrade

2nd Place Prize: 20% of the pot, 1 month upgrade

3rd Place Prize: 10% of the pot, 1 month upgrade


Come on over and check it out! :D


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Buoy }} 🌊
July 8th, 2020 1:46:47am
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Whoops! Made this post from the wrong account. Ohwell, haha.


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