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$150m + 3 HPB ! - WINNERS POSTED!

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November 24th, 2020 4:12:02pm
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DEADLINE : 4 December ! 
Hello my lovely talented angels! 

So, I have started my Black Forest Night Mares pair. And I want a cool graphic for them! 
I am also about to start a pair of Golden Retrievers ! And I want a graphic for them too! 

So you have 2 entry options

1. Black Forest Night Mare - obviously, I'm wanting this to be super dark/spooky themed. Halloweeny, witchy type. Go wild! I just want "Another Black Forest Nightmare by Saturnia" on it. 

2. Golden Retriever - I want this to be lighter! Summer-y themed, greens, etc. Have fun! I just want "Another Golden Retriever by Saturnia" on it. 

Now, the reason why you are all here : The Prizes! 
Winner will receive - $150mil HPD AND 3 HPB ! 
*I hold the right to cancel this contest if I do not get enough entries.* 
** I may buy some of the entries that don't win ** 

UPDATE : I AM ADDING A 2nd and 3rd PLACE PRIZE !!!! 
1st place - $150m HPD and 3 HPD 
2nd place - $100m HPD 
3rd place - $50m HPD 

Final Update - Winners ! : 

1st place - amberellie !! 
2nd - subrosa ! 
3rd - azalie !



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a z a l i e--> where did my life go? 👀
December 3rd, 2020 6:02:10pm
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Way to go everyone!!!


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