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2021 State of the Union

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Administrator blitz 🌈 Armed with will and determination, and grace, too [Bad Dog! Sit!]
February 19th, 2021 9:23:08pm
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-waves- Hey HP peeps!


Welcome to the 2021 SOTU Address, coming to you for the first time from Blitz, not Sam! 


This year has definitely been a strange one, with Covid continuing to make our lives interesting. To look on the bright side of the virus, Covid boredom has brought many old HP players from back in the day pop back in and often stay to play our game again. Welcome back to those's good to see you again! Covid's also brought us new players, who've deemed our little spot on the internet rad enough to stick around and play!


Layout Generator

Before I get into other things in this SOTU, I wanted to make a quick announcement, that, thanks to our amazing mango, our layout generator has been updated and now splits the stylesheet from the html for you, for easier copying onto your page! YAY! As always, the Layout Generator link can be found in the home menu at the top of every page OR in the layout editing section of your player page above the HTML box.


Other Game Updates

As per usual, you can always find changes that players can see in the Change Log (which you can find under the 'News' tab). Here are the highlights from the past year:


  • Achievements now show up in player events in addition to how many HPP you now have. Some achievements were also fixed that weren't awarding automatically previously.


  • Duplicate breeds were merged together so we no longer have things like Barb and Barb Horse both existing on the site.


  • Every page site-wide was updated and sometimes visually redesigned to be more concise with correct information, and so everything looked uniform.


  • Ads were removed from the game.


  • To make the game safer, basic players and new accounts now have to be "whitelisted" by Blitz in order to be able to update their layouts. Their account must also be at least 2 weeks old in order to be able to be whitelisted. (Message Blitz to get yourself whitelisted!).


  • New Crediting Help page was created to clearly indicate the rules and formatting requirements for graphic credits from stock sites, and as well to be a quick, handy reference sheet!


    Staff Changes

    Well, last year's SOTU Address announced a pretty big Staff Change overall, so that obviously happened in the past year...

  • Sam stepped back from running the game into just owning it and paying our bills (lol). 

  • I (Blitz) became the new "big cheese" head admin in the role of Director, in charge of everything and everyone. 😉

  • Binny became our Marketing Manager, in charge of our social media, merch, and newsletters.

  • Koni became our Head Administrator, in charge of our content moderators, clubs, embassies, breeds, and raffles.

  • Broken Vow became our Community Manager, in charge of anything and everything related to events on HP, as well as in charge of the event organizers.


    As well, we rejiged our staff...

  • Ephemira, Mame, and Saturnia became our Content Moderators, in charge of making sure rules are followed to keep our site running smoothly and safely.

  • Panthera Onca, Concourse, and Mango became our Event Organizers, in charge of helping Broken Vow run the big events, as well as running smaller events themselves on the site.


    And now short notes from each of the admins...

    A Note From Blitz

    Last year I said my goal was to make the change as seamless as possible. I think I've accomplished that, so yay! I also continue to clean up the game periodically, and hope to work on more bug fixes as much as I can in the next year. As always, feel free to reach out with any bugs, suggestions, concerns, wants, needs, etc.


    A Note From Binny

    Hey guys! What a year it has been eh! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Our social media following has done well over this past year. We officially hit 500 followers on Facebook. My goal this year is to continue to raise that number and get our Instagram to match! If you do not follow us on IG, please do so!


    I will be planning specific days for specific content, if there is anything you want to see more or less of, please let me know! 


    Also, Facebook algorithms, ick! So according to Facebook, if a post has a lot of activity on it, it means that it is great content, and people want to see more. Therefore, the more you interact with our posts, the more newsfeeds it lands on, thus creating more followers! More followers may mean more new players! YA! So please, if you see our content on your newsfeed, a simple emoji like (the more non thumbs up ones, the better!) or even comment! Thank you!

    I am also currently creating new merchandise to add to our Zazzle! If there is something specific you want to see, again let me know!! Heres to a smashing 2021!


    A Note From Broken Vow

    It's been a whirlwind of a year diving deeper into learning the ins and outs of running all of HP's amazing contests for you guys! I'm happy to be your Community Manager and love helping to make HP fun for all! Our Event Coordinators have been hard at work making sure that there is always something to look forward to after all your training has been completed. Their dedication helps me stay focused to keep on doing better for you guys! As we step further into this new year I hope to continue to provide you all with all the big site-wide events with some other activities thrown in between! As always my inbox is always open and if you have any contest ideas or activity ideas and wish to share, please send them my way! I'd love to hear your thoughts! ~BV


    A Note From Koni

    Hello HP Community! This has certainly been a whirlwind of a year. In 2021, I hope to be more ‘on the ball’ so to speak and really keep things running smoothly with Clubs and Embassies. Our Raffles and Lottos have been a huge success this past year and I hope they are just as fun for you guys this year! One main goal that I have for 2021 is to have a lot more participation in both Embassies and Clubs. If you have any ideas or suggestions for either, shoot me a message on account #33! I can’t wait to hear from you guys, and I look forward to another amazing year with all my HP friends and family.


    In Conclusion

    As always, thank you everyone for continuing to play HP and make it the awesome game it is! It's not us doing that, it's all of you that makes this community so special! ?


    Stay safe, wash your hands, we're glad you're here! ♥




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    Administrator blitz 🌈 Armed with will and determination, and grace, too [Bad Dog! Sit!]
    February 19th, 2021 9:24:09pm
    4,178 Posts

    3uOb8lf.png 2qBl.gif A6Kz9k5.png


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    Event Coordinator mango 🌌 io, the lonely queen
    February 19th, 2021 10:10:17pm
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    Woo, thanks to all you players for your participation in our events! You guys being active encourages all of us to put forward some great activities! :D And if you have ideas for events or activities, don't be afraid to let us Event Organizers know - we're always open to ideas! ^^



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    Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // Frank Jr FTW!! 🦄
    February 19th, 2021 10:35:00pm
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    ^ what mango said!! :D



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    уαмαѕαωкι - make rainbow reef your favorite coral 🌈
    February 19th, 2021 11:47:29pm
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    Y'all are awesome and I'd just like to say I've been active for over a year straight, which is more than I can say for the 10 years I've been around - thanks to the awesome community, whether by chat rooms, clubs, contests, or events. So thanks guys! Also....more bingo? 😜 love all of y'all and here's to another year!



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    ↬ PRYNNE 🐇 semi-hiatus - jaya training!
    February 20th, 2021 6:54:14am
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    All of the staff have done a wonderful job with all the changes in the past year and activity is definitely higher than it's been in the past! Good job!



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    Administrator 🍀~Broken Vow~🍀
    February 20th, 2021 7:09:44pm
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    *much love to you all*



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    Mobius // is admiring her new layout with her TBs
    February 20th, 2021 11:56:57pm
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    I'm so glad that I decided to come back. While my activity has been spotty (one week I nearly missed out on training, yikes!), this has been the blast from the past I needed and I'm so glad to see it not only pressing on, but thriving! Thanks for all of the hard work you guys put into it and thanks to the community for being so warm and kind


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    Administrator Original KoniBob ᴵᵐ ᴿᵉᵃᵈʸ~ |🍦| The one and only Icecream Kon |🍨|
    February 22nd, 2021 12:54:53pm
    442 Posts

    I'm so glad to see some returning players, and players sticking around longer than usual ;p 


    Lets make 2021 a kickbutt year :D 


    So much love to you all!!!!


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    `NEKENEKE ♥ the morgan empire ♥ nom-nom h-tix
    February 22nd, 2021 1:31:57pm
    5,294 Posts

    Honestly, you guys are why I came back  ♥  So thankful to all of you.



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