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June 2021 ~ Player of the Month

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Administrator 🌴~Broken Vow~🌴🐍🌴
June 6th, 2021 1:48:32pm
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June's Player of the Month!

Summer is finally here! Yay!
If you haven't done so already, check out what Blitz just coded in for us...
Top 25 Players By Join Year :D

A Huge Congratulations to Famous Shamus!

Famous Shamus has been chosen to be in this month's spotlight! It's awesome knowing that we have a Doctor in the house! (DVM) Congrats on the degree too!

Community Chatter
"Famous has such a great personality - always a joy to talk to either in chat or through messages!"
"My go-to for graphics. Thorough, reliable and timely!"

The Interview Questions!
Anyone who wins P.o.t.M. can answer as many or all of the questions as they feel comfortable answering!

......HP Questions......
1. How did you first learn about us?
I don't remember (it's been a decade!) but I migrated from Horseland after it's...downfall?

2. What is your favorite thing about HP?
The players! I've literally made some of my best friends here--we've never met in real life, but talk all the time on and off of HP--some of them for literally almost a decade. I also love getting graphics from people!

3. How long have you been playing for?
July will be 10 years (holy crap)

4. How did you come up with your player name?
Shamus was my first horse. I was younger when I had him and Famous out came Famous Shamus

5. What is your favorite breed of horse or dog to train?
Belgian Draft Horses by far! Favorite breed inside the game and in real life.

6. What caused you to pick the breed(s) you train and breed?
I love draft horses in general. I think I went with Belgians because I worked with four Belgian Draft Mules that I adored, so I went with their horse version :-P

7. How do you come up with names for your animals?
Oh lord. I have so many different animals on here. Some of them are themed after movies or tv shows I like, some are names or places in the animal's country of origin, and then some are just random.

8. What are your current goals on HP?
Current goal is to get my one mare to 7mil before retirement; long term goal is to get a 10miller!

9. Do you have a favorite animal? (It can be your own or another player’s you admire!)
Okapi are my favorite!

10. Who’s your go-to graphic artist or coder? Are there any services you offer?
I loooove Amberellie's work. I don't have a go-to coder only because I don't get coding done a ton. I offer horse and dog graphics.

11. What is your favorite Site-Wide yearly event?
Mascot contest because I love seeing the graphics that come about for that because they're always next level. I also enjoy the scavenger hunt even if it sometimes makes me curse at my laptop in frustration. lol.

12. What other contests or activities do you usually participate in?
The easter egg hunt! Occasionally forum contests too.

13. Do you have any training or breeding tips to share?
uhhhh.....I usually breed my animals 1 week before retirement so that if I accidentally forget I have a week of cushion for my brain lapse lol. Training wise, don't do what I do and have 400 animals without enter all because it will consume your life haahha

14. Which seasonal layout art is your favorite?

15. If you could change one thing about HP, what would it be and why?
Hmmmm honestly I don't think there's anything; I enjoy the way it functions.

......Real Life & Random Questions......
1. Where are you from?
Eastern PA but currently in central OH; I was here for school but I'm staying for a few years for work.

2. What do you do for work?
Veterinarian! Freshly graduated lol. I'll be doing small animal emergency as my primary focus but also so equine and small ruminant work.

3. Do you own any horses or dogs?
Yes! a QH gelding, Tory, and a Rottie mix, Jarvis.

4. Do you have any other types of pets at home?
5 cats and 2 sheep

5. What are your favorite breeds of horse and dog?
Belgian Draft Horse (closely followed by Shires) and Rottweilers

6. Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?
Obsessing over fictional series? ha. I like to watch Marvel movies and Supernatural in my free time. I also like riding, reading, music, and photoshopping.

7. What’s your favorite color?
Hunter green

8. What’s your favorite Holiday or Month?
Christmas because I love the lights

9. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so, what or where is it?
Not yet because I haven't really been anywhere

10. Do you have any special talents? If so, what are they?
I wish but no lol I'm good with animals but that's about it

11. If you could own any breed of horse, what would it be and why?
Belgian Drafts because they are beautiful!

12. If you could own any breed of dog, what would it be and why?
Rottweilers because they are beef cakes

13. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Jared Padalecki and Sebastian Stan

14. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
Iceland to see the Norther Lights! Top of my bucket list

15. What would be your dream job?
I'm doing it ;) Veterinarian!

16. What would be your dream meal of choice?
Prime rib and then crème brulee and watermelon as dessert

17. What is the top thing on your Bucket List?
lol didn't realize this was it's own question and answered it before--going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights

18. What talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could sing well. I will unabashedly sing loudly in my car, but damn I wish I could sound good doing it hahaha

19. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

20. What is something you fear?

21. What’s the funniest joke you heard recently?
Y'all really want to open this can of worms with me? because I freaking love corny dad jokes. Okay, here we go.... What did one butt cheek say to the other? ..... together, we can stop this shit.

22. What Meme do you currently relate to? (please provide the pic link):
Click Here!

23. Any good books or comics that you’ve read recently?
I recently started reading the Throne of Glass series and so far it's good. But I am a bit over main characters being so young so if y'all have good fantasy books geared more towards not teenagers, let me know ;)

24. Any good movies or shows you’ve seen lately?
You guys know this answer already lol. Movies, I love everything Marvel and am re-watching them all as I type (currently on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II). New movie, I saw Chaos Walking in theatres and it was really, really good (sci fi thriller type). TV shows, Supernatural will always be my favorite no matter how many times I watch it. I also started Vampire Diaries and that's really good so far.

25. What is your go-to show to stream? (Via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.):
Supernatural on Netflix

New Nominations Open Now Through June 25th!


All Requirements, Information, and New Nominations can be found here: Player of the Month Thread

Thank You! :D
Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far!
~Broken Vow (#22700)



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Administrator 🌴~Broken Vow~🌴🐍🌴
June 6th, 2021 1:49:38pm
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↬ PRYNNE 🐇 the moon knows all my secrets
June 6th, 2021 2:10:01pm
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Congrats, Famous Shamus! Well deserved!



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Content Moderator Saturnia ♄ ||
June 6th, 2021 2:50:56pm
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Congrats famous!! 


Blitz - you rock! That new rankings is awesome!! 

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light! - Dumbledore.


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Content Moderator ephemira ♫ for the horde! 🦊
June 6th, 2021 2:51:40pm
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congrats, famous!!


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June 6th, 2021 4:03:04pm
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Tragedy ♔ Schipperke
June 6th, 2021 4:04:57pm
4 Posts

Yay!!!! So deserved congratulations :)


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Event Coordinator Panthera Onca // The Night Floof 🐆
June 6th, 2021 6:53:36pm
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Congrats famous!!

Also, the new ranking lists are super cool!!



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amberellie 🐄 - Idk what day it is.
June 7th, 2021 4:31:09pm
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- throws confetti -

 Congrats my friend!


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Famous Shamus }} since uh ☝ when
June 9th, 2021 9:43:46pm
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thank you guys =D =D =D



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