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Activities for the Week July 26-Aug 1st

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July 27th, 2021 1:45:16pm
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A day later than normal, apologies for that!
Here we go...

Enter the MEGA RAFFLE!!!
Big ticket items with multiple chances to win! :D
Check out Acct. (#3333) - Message your Form there!
* Amount of Tickets to Purchase: (Number)
* Amount of HPD for Purchase: (HPD Amount)
* Amount of Donated Tickets: (Number)
* Amount of Sponsored Tickets: (Number of Ticket and Name & Number of Player)
* Amount of HPD for Donated/Sponsored: (HPD Amount)
Message Koni (#33) with any questions!
Ticket sales close at 11:59pm HP time on July 30th!
Raffle winners drawn July 31st!

Mini-Christmas In July Event!!!
Each day will have a new activity being run by staff!
Check out the Contests & Events section in the Forums for each activity!
Earn a whole bunch of goodies and a bonus prize if you participate in all of them!
Event ends on July 31st!

Photography Contest
This Month's Theme: Summer / Ice Cream / Sunsets
Respond to the forum thread with your photo and an animal's ID#.
1st Place Prize: 10,000 points
2nd Place Prize: 7,500 points
3rd Place Prize: 5,000 points
Forum Thread Here!
Voting open June 24-29th
Winners announced July 30th

Mental Health Mondays with Saturnia
Check out this awesome resource outlet, safe space, and caring enviorment that Sat is giving to us!
Forum Thread Here!
New Topic will be posted Aug 2nd!

Clubs - If you want your club featured in the activities post...
Please message Acct (#1), Me (#22700), or Koni (#33)!

Draft Horse Club
Enter the Drawing Contest for a chance to win a 1mo upgrade!
Complete the Word Search for 1mill HPD!
Please check out the Draft Horse Club for more info!
Send all club related messaged to Primrose (#972)

All Horses Club
Complete each puzzle & word search to win custom horses or HPD!
Please check out the All Horses Club for more info!
Send all club related messages to Jen (#46685)

Rare Horse Breed & Toy Club
Complete each puzzle to win some HPD!
Please check out the Rare Horse Breeds Club & the Toy Club for more info!
Send all club related messages to Broken Vow (#22700)

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July 27th, 2021 1:45:55pm
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July 27th, 2021 2:00:25pm
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I am so bummed I missed the first day events. I normally would participate in them all :(

Got stuck in traffic for eight hours :(

Rosa is awesome, Rosa is fine, Rosa didn't write this...


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