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Divider Help

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September 20th, 2021 5:24:40pm
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Okay, so I need help with these Dividers!

All the dividers links are the same font size until the last one. Please help! :)

hUkU6YX.pngIn5mBQk.pngQWJJ1Go.png TaKKsY0.png 39081524_NSo98yP7cTHWtUZ.gif 39081525_LHXA54ZjsYaxqw4.gif 39081329_lSGIAd9JwQsqhHh.gif 39072460_rqFJn3x9MyehLFr.gif


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Event Coordinator mango 🍑 crappy week
September 20th, 2021 7:56:22pm
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So this issue is because the Horses and Dogs default dividers don't take the same styles as anything applied to store-bought dividers. You have to apply the styles to noDividerH and noDividerD

1aIv4CS.gif 21GwAsU.gif voF6uMD.gif Kakashi Ichabod


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