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Recs kindly wanted

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Apollo 🏹 Astarion's Juice Box
January 29th, 2023 6:44:11pm
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Hey Atlanta HPers! I'm going to be in the area for work in February for about a week and would love some ideas of things to do and places to see. Evenings and nights are when I'll be out of conferences. I dig art, books, mini golf, horses, fashion, and honestly anything a bit weird. LGBTQIA safe and-or friendly places preferred!




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↬ JADE 🖤 unraveled at the seams
January 30th, 2023 3:21:06am
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I have not been to the area myself, but I plan to one day just for the Atlanta Aquarium! It is the only aquarium in the United States where you can find whale sharks. I could sit in front of those aquarium windows for hours. So I recommend the aquarium if that is something you would be into!



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Event Coordinator Saturnia ᛉ 🖤
January 30th, 2023 9:05:29am
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Hi Kanel! I'm just here to *bump* this post so that some Georgia natives can post and help out! I'm more familiar with the Savannah area, so I'm not much help here. But I do second Jade's rec for the Aquarium! 



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Whynn • Main • Direwolves
January 30th, 2023 9:58:09am
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The Atlanta Beltline is SO MUCH FUN! We rented bikes and motor scooters and there are restaurants/breweries all along it! DEFF recommend hanging out and riding/walking around! I need to remember the brunch place we went to and ill get back to you...



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