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Activities for the Week March 13-19th!

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March 13th, 2023 6:05:56pm
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March Breed Spotlight: Canablitz Horse!


Official HP Mascot Contest Season!
All Required & Optional activities have been posted!
Find Them In The Mascot Contest 2023 Forum
Pay attention to all due dates!
There are also some fun Player hosted activities in there as well!
Go & show your support! :D

Word Search with Pants!
Message Pants your completed word search for HPD!
Do not post your screenshots to the thread!
Forum Thread Here!
Closes Sunday March 19th at 11:59pm HP time!

St. Patrick's Day Crossword with City!
Test your knowledge of Ireland and the legend of St. Patrick!
Message City your completed crossword for points!
Forum Thread Here!
Closes Monday March 20th at 11:59pm HP time!

Photography Contest with BV!
March Theme: My Lucky Charm, Something Green
Respond to the forum thread with your photo and an animal's ID#.
1st Place Prize: 10,000 points
2nd Place Prize: 7,500 points
3rd Place Prize: 5,000 points
Forum Thread Here!
Submissions open Now through March 20th
Voting open March 21st-30th
Winners announced March 31st

Player of the Month!
This is a monthly event!
Our March Winner's Interview Thread Here!
Check out the ~Player of the Month~Hub~ for April Nominees, Voting, and other helpful information!
Haven't filled out the Survey yet? Here's your chance! :)
Please take a few moments and fill out Google Forum Survey Here!
Thanks for a few minutes of your time! :D

Pet of the Month!
Message Binny (#18070) with a picture and a short description of your pet to be nominated!
This is a monthly event!
Winner is featured in our Newsletter email!
Looking For April's Pet of the Month!

Club Presidents - If you would like your club to be featured in next week's activities post...
Please message Acct (#1) or Me (#22700)
Your message must be separate from the mass message sent from the clubs!
Thank you!

Crossbreed & Western Discipline Clubs
Pick A Number!
Word Search!
For anything related to these clubs, please message Broken Vow (#22700)

Colored Breeds, Draft Horse, Pet Phenomena Clubs
Registry Contests!
Word Searches!
For anything related to these clubs, please message Oak (#48806)

Non-Sporting Club
Registry Contest!
Word Searches!
Tell Us Your Favorite Dog Memory!
For anything related to this club, please message Oak & Tifi (#49493)

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