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Activities for the Week September 18th-24th!

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September 18th, 2023 5:46:12pm
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In Case You Missed These...
New Help Pages!
HP Birthday Club!


September Puzzle Pants!
Theme: National Parks
Points, points, points!!!
Send Pants a screenshot of your completed puzzles!
Include in your screenshots the puzzle piece size & timestamp!
Also include in your message the animal's ID# you wish to have points added to!
Forum Thread Here!
Closes Saturday September 23rd at 11:59pm HP time!

Animal Hunt with Sat!
Date: Tuesday September 19th
Location: Games Room of Chat
Start Time: 12:00pm HP Time
Alternate Forum Activity Here!
Alternate Activity Closes Friday September 22nd at 12:00pm HP time!

Guess The Connection with City!
Starts Friday September 22nd
Keep an eye out for the Forum Thread to be posted!
Closes Friday September 29th at 11:59pm HP time!

Photography Contest with BV!
September's Theme: Daily Grind OR Farewell Summer
Respond to the forum thread with your photo and an animal's ID#.
1st Place Prize: 10,000 points
2nd Place Prize: 7,500 points
3rd Place Prize: 5,000 points
Forum Thread Here!
Submissions Open: Now through September 22nd
Voting Open: September 23rd-29th
Winners Announced: September 30th

The HP Writing Competition: August/September Edition hosted by Skell!
Form: Short Story
Theme: Transformation
Forum Thread Here!
Submissions close September 25th!
Voting September 27th-30th!
Winner Announced October 1st!

Player of the Month!
This is a monthly event!
All Information about P.o.t.M.:~Player of the Month~Hub~
September's Spotlight Player: Arzu (#1111) ~ Interview Thread
October's Nominees & Voting Form: Click Here!

Pet of the Month!
Message Binny (#18070) with a picture and a short description of your pet to be nominated!
More Information can be found Here!
This is a monthly event!
Winner is featured in our Newsletter email!
Be sure to subscribe on the right hand side below the "Mini News" on the Site News page!

Club Presidents - If you would like your club to be featured in next week's activities post...
Please message Acct (#1) or Me (#22700)
Your message must be separate from the mass message sent from the clubs!
Thank you!

Mythical Club
Mythical Breed Showcase
Fantasy Caption Contest
Find Me This Creature...
For anything related to this club, please message Aeon (#856).

Bookworms Anonymous
Come earn some money while having fun!
Book Recommendations
For anything related to this club, please message Moorfine (#1212).

Gaited & Crossbreed Clubs
HPD Random Drawing
Find Me A Pic Of...
For anything related to these clubs, please message Broken Vow (#22700).

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September 18th, 2023 5:46:42pm
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