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Upgrade Auction Bug?

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Durdanios - Gallifrey Stables
July 6th, 2013 12:36:02am
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Sorry if this sounds silly, but it's the first time I've used the Upgrade Auctions. XD

I've attempted to accept the bid of a player who bid one my Upgrade Auction. I clicked the Paypal button next to their bid, and continued through and paid for the upgrade.

However their account remains un-upgraded, there was no money exchanged but I was still charged the $5 on my Paypal account, and my auction still shows as active on the auction page.

Is there a delay between payment being made and the upgrade being applied, is there a bug or did I do something wrong?


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Audacious [clydesdales]
July 6th, 2013 6:10:53pm
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Yeah...last time this happened it was a Paypal problem. It started last night and Sam is aware, but until we get to the bottom of it they wont go through and they'll take the money. Send confirmation numbers and the account upgraded to Sam and she'll do it manually, but auctions in terms of getting the HPD wont work.


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