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Activities for the Week Sept 6th-12th

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September 6th, 2021 2:06:33pm
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Club Presidents!
Congrats to our September Presidents!
Players, be sure to check out all the clubs for activities you can participate in for some HPD & other president gifted prizes!
Also, double check those registration requirements when registering your animals!

Horse Clubs
All Horses run by Jen (#46685)
Colored Breeds run by Panthera Onca (#13599)
Crossbreed run by Nadhima (#20643)
Draft Horserun by Nadhima (#20643)
English Disciplinerun by Vanity (#15782)
Gaited run by Panthera Onca (#13599)
Mythical Horse run by Zeal (#47784)
Performance Horse run by Lostcause (#1249)
Pony run by Nadhima (#20643)
Race Horse run by Ephemira (#696)
Rare Horse run by Broken Vow (#22700)
Sport Horse run by The Tremendous Trio (#287760)
Western Discipline run by Vanity (#15782)
Dog Clubs
Agility run by Arzu (#48359)
All Dogs run by Vanity (#15782)
Herding run by  Jen (#46685)
Hound run by Nadhima (#20643)
Hunting run by Nadhima (#20643)
IPO run by Vanity (#15782)
Mutt run by Nekeneke (#19460)
Mythical Dog run by Nadhima (#20643)
Non-Working run by Nadhima (#20643)
Obedience run by Nadhima (#20643)
Rare Dog run by Broken Vow (#22700)
Sporting run by Blitz (#2049)
Toy run by Nadhima (#20643)
Wild Dog run by Lafitte (#47718)
Working run by Panthera Onca (#13599)
Other Clubs
Bookworms Anonymous run by Tragedy (#3473)
Breed Ambassadors United run by Broken Vow (#22700)
Graphic Design run by Nadhima (#20643)
Horse Phenomena Stud Book run by Tragedy (#3473)
Layout Design & Coding run by Zeal (#47784)
Pet Phenomena run by Yamasawki (#4407)
The Barnyard run by Panthera Onca (#13599)

Club Presidents - If you want your club featured in the activities post...
Please message Acct (#1), Me (#22700), or Koni (#33)!


Bingo with BV!
Location: The Games Room of Chat
Start Time: 6:00pm HP Time
Day: Tuesday September 7th
Send me (#22700) a message for your cards closer to the start time!
Cards cost 500k HPD and send it to the HA (#666), max of 2 cards per player!
A Forum Activity will be posted after the last round for those who couldn't attend!
Alternate Activity ~ Find Me A Pic Of...
Closes September 12th at 11:59pm HP time!

Puzzle Pants!
Complete each puzzle, take a screenshot including the time stamp and puzzle piece size, and post to the thread!
Win some nice points for one of your animals!
Forum Thread Here!
Closes September 11th at 11:59pm HP time!

Photography Contest with Calastia!
September's Theme: Song, Book, or Movie Title
Respond to the forum thread with your photo and an animal's ID#.
1st Place Prize: 10,000 points
2nd Place Prize: 7,500 points
3rd Place Prize: 5,000 points
Forum Thread Here!
Submissions open now through September 21st
Voting open September 22-29th
Winners announced September 30th

Mental Health Mondays with Saturnia!
This is an awesome resource outlet, safe space, and caring environment that Sat is offering to us!
Forum Thread Here!
Catch up on previous topics by checking out the Health section of the Forums
New Topic: PTSD

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September 6th, 2021 2:11:01pm
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