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Activities For The Week Dec 13-19th!

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December 13th, 2021 9:20:29pm
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Mango's Epic Quest!
The final chapter has begun!
Pick an option and message Mango for further instructions!
Vahalla awaits!
Forum Thread Here!
Closes Sunday December 19th at 11:59pm HP Time!

24 Days of Christmas
Daily activities being run by Staff through December 24th!
Each activity has their own prizes to be awarded out!
All Days Will Be Posted In Here!

Secret Santa
Join in the Holiday Spirit and be somebody's Secret Santa!
Sign-Ups Now through December 17th!
HP's Official Secret Santa!!! (#43080)
Please send all related messages to that account!

Holiday Raffle
Koni (#33) is hosting our Holiday Raffle this year!
Many great prizes being offered to One Lucky Winner!
Please send all related messages to that account!
Accepting entries Now through December 19th!
Winner announced December 20th!

Blitz's Epic Word Search!
Words posted daily to search for!
Completing this search counts as a participation day in the 24 DoC in case you end up missing one!
Blitz' EPIC Word Search (#9739)
Please send any related questions to Blitz's main (#2049)
Closes at Midnight December 25th!

Photography Contest with Mango!
December's Theme: Comfort, Accomplishment
Check out the prompt that goes along with it!
Respond to the forum thread with your photo and an animal's ID#.
1st Place Prize: 10,000 points
2nd Place Prize: 7,500 points
3rd Place Prize: 5,000 points
Forum Thread Here!
Submissions open now through December 21st
Voting open December 22nd-30th
Winners announced December 31st

HP's Patchwork!
Create a patch to be included in this year's Patchwork!
Official HP Patchwork (#29849)
Accepting now through January 15th!

Mental Health Mondays with Saturnia!
This is an awesome resource outlet, safe space, and caring environment that Sat is offering to us!
Forum Thread Here!
Catch up on previous topics by checking out the Health section of the Forums
New Topic: Holiday Stress

Club Presidents - If you want your club featured in next week's activities post...
Please message Acct (#1), Me (#22700), or Koni (#33)!
Your message must be separate from the mass message sent from the clubs!

Hound, Mutt, Mythical Dog Clubs
* Drawing contest: perfectly wrapped present (21 million in guaranteed prizes)
* Picture contest: silly mutt (10 million in guaranteed prizes)
* Flash Fiction writing contest: create your own mythical dog (40 million in guaranteed prizes)
* Jigsaw Puzzles: Club's layout image (2 million for completing 20 FREE raffle tickets for completing all three!)
* 75 million dollar raffle is being conducted as a whole between all 3 clubs.
* 20 FREE tickets may be earned by completing all 3 jigsaw puzzles OR single raffle tickets may be purchased for $2 million each.
Please contact Awd (#420) with anything related to these clubs!

Breed Ambassadors United
Weekly Puzzles!
24 Days of Christmas activities!
Many chances to win some awesome prizes!
Friday December 17th @ 5:00pm HP Time - Bingo!
Games Room of Chat - 500k donation to club per card, max of 2 Cards!
Please contact Oak (#48806) with anything related to this club!

Rare Horse Breed
Club shows made weekly!
Puzzles for a chance to win 10 mill HPD!
6 Letter Word game for a chance to win 10 mill HPD!
Please contact Lostcause (#1249) with anything related to this club!

The Barnyard & Sporting
Word Searches & Puzzles!
HPD Prizes!
Please contact Broken Vow (#22700) with anything related to these clubs!

Bookworms Anonymous
Open Registry!
Have a chance to earn $1 Mill HPD with our word unscramble and holiday trivia!
Please contact Saturnia (#44000) with anything related to this club!

English Discipline
Open Registry, just must be over 100k in points!
Several wonderful puzzles to complete!
Please contact Arzu (#32964) with anything related to this club!

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